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You’ve been at this crossroads long enough.

A relationship in your life is not working.  It drains your energy and you’re tired of it. You’ve fought, analyzed, read books, journaled and tried to figure it out — but have not found a solution. Or maybe you’ve simply tolerated it and, finally, have had enough.

I assist clients in resolving their relationship struggles and getting on with living.  They remodel their relationship with satisfying new building blocks. Or, they bring it to conscious completion.

If you stay, you want to feel radically better.  If you go, you want to do so with awareness and care.  Either way, you need access to your deepest, wisest self so you can step with confidence through the fire to the other side. I am here to assist with that.

I had my share of struggles.  

I was in stay-or-go limbo in my marriage for years; it was the biggest puzzle of my life.

I was scared to stay and scared to go.  I felt safest sitting on the fence, but life was passing by. I was an observer, rather than a creator. I was settling for “OK” while real living was on hold. Indecision has a high cost.

Your situation is unique. Your struggle may relate to your life partner or it may be with a sibling, child, or parent.

But you don’t have to do it the long, hard way.

After resolving my dilemma a decade ago – with lots of help – I was motivated to create and implement a coaching system that would have served me when I was stuck.  I’ve refined it so that clients uncover options they had not seen.  You get a safe place to express and sort out feelings. Your courage gets a boost.  There’s a light on the path to your own answers. Self-criticism gets replaced by acceptance. And, whether bit-by-bit or in a flash, you move forward with what you want to create. The changes you make shift the whole dynamic of your relationship.

Are you ready to commit to peace for yourself?
Are you willing to be happy?

If your answer is, “Yes” schedule a free Resolve Struggle Consultation.  We’ll meet by phone for about an hour so you can:

  • Discover the #1 thing that needs to change for resolution to be possible
  • Get clear on how you really want your life and relationship to feel
  • Identify the inner path to transforming the struggle

You’ll finish the session by choosing at least one clear step for immediate action.

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I am cheering for you,


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What People Are Saying…

Coaching took the pressure off. It showed me that the realm of possibilities was a lot larger than I had thought, and that I wasn’t boxed in.

— Michele B., Cincinnati, Ohio